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HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS : You will find these are really great opportunities to participate in between medical research activities . You will also be able to combine these opportunities with NON Invasive research where no medications are involved Volunteers participating in drug research may also find these to be of help and assistance during the waiting periods between research involving a medication .

PATIENT VOLUNTEERS : You will need to be mobile and your condition must not be such that it will effect your abilities to participate . Online surveys can be conducted from you own computers, providing you with an additional interest during longer term studies, or for patient volunteers with more immobilising conditions .







Study 675 :Get Involved In Improving Customer Service.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery shopping is a fun and exciting way to earn money while you shop! Or in its most basic definition, a mystery shopper
Aim of Study Businesses want to ensure that their customers are being greeted and offered assistance quickly. That their salespeople are using the sales and service techniques they have been trained on, and that they are providing the best possible service to all their customers. Mystery shopping gives these businesses the opportunity to witness how well their training programs are progressing, as well as the opportunity to re-train in the areas that require the most attention.
Inclusion Criteria Mystery Shopping requires an individual with excellent listening skills and a remarkable memory, who is capable of noticing details and communicating this information clearly into written format.
Area United States.
Duration Most retail assignments will take about 15 minutes inside the store and another 10-15 minutes completing each questionnaire.
Reimbursement The average mystery shopping assignment will pay $15 per store.
However, the fee can range between $10.00 and $20.00.

Study 673 :Become A Mystery Shopper And Earn.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyYou will be given the details of a specific shop to go in to and pose as a regular customer to evaluate the service. Mystery Shoppers provide unbiased evaluations, which are consistent and objective.
Aim of Study Businesses require for mystery shoppers to go into their stores so that they can see their premises from a customer's point of view. This enables them to make changes accordingly.
Inclusion Criteria You must have good communicational skills.
You must work with a professional manner.
Area Canada.
Reimbursement A standard assignment fee may range from $5.00 to $50.00.
Other Info You will be required to supply information of references on your application form.

Study 672 :Earn Money Being A Shopping Evaluator.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery Shoppers, are individuals who work as independent contractors on an as-needed basis to evaluate various local businesses in their area on customer service issues. Posing as regular customers, Mystery Shoppers pay unannounced visits to department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hotel, banks, etc. and, following specific criteria, assess service and operations of that business.
Aim of Study The data that is collected by Mystery Shoppers is used to brief, promote, and help management make decisions about employees and operations.
Area United States.
Reimbursement Usually, the payment ranges between $5.00 and $20.00.
Other Info As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for your own taxes.
As part of your application you are required to do a short shopper challenge.

Study 670 :Have Your Say On Customer Service And Get Paid.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery shoppers visit clients' locations, posing as potential customers. The shoppers rate information such as customer service, sales ability, friendliness, cleanliness of the location, ease of finding, and more.
Aim of Study This information is used by clients to improve customer relations and increase sales through improved customer satisfaction.
Inclusion Criteria Internet access.
Solid reporting skills.
Excellent attention to detail.
Area United States.
Reimbursement The average shop pays $15 to $20.
Other Info Assignments are given out to experienced shoppers first, but as they require new faces all the time, even inexperienced shoppers will eventually be chosen.

Study 666 :Have Fun, Go Shopping, Earn Money!

Recruits from this area
1066 applications
Type of StudyWork as a Mystery Shopper is well suited to anyone who would benefit from working highly flexible hours, earning a reasonable wage, working for a company that provides a number of diverse assignments, and in some cases receiving free products and services.
Aim of Study Mystery Shopping is a specialized research methodology used for measuring, monitoring, and maintaining operational standards and compliance of customer service and operations within a company.
Area United States.
United Kingdom.
The Virgin Islands (US).
Duration An evaluation can take anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 hours (some projects require an overnight stay).
Reimbursement Most payments fall between $8 and $20.

Study 651 :Have Fun Shopping And Get Paid.
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyActing as an ordinary customer, you would sample and interact with staff while you carefully observe and record the experience. When the transaction is completed, the surveyor will complete a comprehensive evaluation.
Aim of Study Customers vote with their feet when it comes to complaints about quality and service. These complaints often go undetected by management teams. Mystery shoppers are the secret weapon that allows an organization to take a proactive approach to identifying deficiencies related to product quality and service.
Inclusion Criteria You will need an eye for detail.
You will need a good memory.
Area United States.
Reimbursement Depending on the client, you may be compensated by receiving reimbursement for the product or service you evaluated—for example, you get a free meal, spa treatment, or round of golf—or you may receive direct compensation.

Study 649 :If You Like Shopping Then Look No Further!
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Recruits from this area
1064 applications
Type of StudyAs a mystery shopper you will visit specified shops and pose as a regular customer. You will then report back on your experiences as a customer.
Aim of Study Your findings will help companies fine-tune their customer service, improve their look and train their staff.
Inclusion CriteriaYou must be:
detail oriented
with experience in customer service.
You must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
Area All over the world.
Reimbursement An evaluation can pay anywhere between $5 and $100, depending on the type.
You may be offered an assignment that offers reimbursement only.
Other Info Allow 4-6 weeks for your application to process.

Study 639 :Become A Shop Surveyor.
North Carolina
Recruits from this area
Type of StudySecret shopping - you will go shopping into a particular store and pose as a regular customer.
Aim of Study The information you provide will help companies improve their customer service.
Inclusion Criteria You will need to have access to a computer with internet access and a working e-mail address.
If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download it.
It is recommended that you also have a scanner and/or fax machine for sending in paperwork for your shops.
Area United States.
Reimbursement Your payment will depend on each assignment allocated to you.
Other Info Shoppers are responsible for keeping track of their earnings, reporting and paying taxes.
NotesIf you are interested in applying, please click the APPLY HERE button below to be directed to their website, then click the APPLICATION/CONTRACT link on the left-hand side.

Study 638 :Earn Extra Income While Having Fun Shopping.
New Jersey
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery Shopping is the practice of using trained shoppers to anonymously evaluate a company's customer service, sales process, operations, employee integrity, marketing and merchandising, and product quality.
Aim of Study Mystery Shopping is used by companies all around the world to evaluate and measure these key areas that impact their current and prospective customers because gaining and retaining profitable customers is vital to the long term success of every company.
Inclusion Criteria You need to be observant and able to follow directions.
You must be reliable.
Experience in customer service (such as having worked in hospitality or retail) is helpful.
Area United States.
Duration The time required to complete a shop and fill out the form may be a few minutes to an hour or longer.
Reimbursement The pay for a mystery shop (including purchase reimbursement) may range from about $10 or $20 on up to $50, $100 or more.
Fees will depend on the time required, difficulty, etc.

Study 626 :Enjoy Shopping? Why Not Get Paid To Do It?
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyWe all shop, and many of us enjoy shopping. But very rarely does opportunity present itself to do what we enjoy doing and getting paid for doing it. Imagine earning extra income just for going shopping and filling out a questionnaire!
Aim of Study Mystery shopping is basically a form of market research. You are asked to gather information, from a customer's perspective. Often times, this is done without the knowledge of the personnel where the shop is taking place. As a mystery shopper, you may therefore be asked to do some acting. This is not to deceive anyone but rather to assure that the information being gathered is representative.
Inclusion Criteria You must be 18yrs of age or older.
Area United States.
Reimbursement The amounts will be posted to the right of each individual assignment under the VIEW AVAILABLE SHOPS option, after you have logged in.

Study 623 :Shop And Earn!
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyResearchers (Secret Shoppers) anonymously observe and document the quality of service at a store or business on a given day.
Aim of Study Companies can then evaluate a sample of service delivery, product knowledge and facility maintenance at corporate stores or franchises.
Area Canada
United States
Reimbursement Most Researchers can expect to make over $10 per hour plus free goods such as food or gas depending on the client.
Other Info You'll be expected to put in some time on their online training system and pass an exam before you start working with clients.

Study 622 :Help Companies, Go Shopping, Get Paid!
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery shopping.
Aim of Study To help companies understand their business from a customer's point of view.
Inclusion CriteriaYou must be:
work responsible about meeting deadlines.
You will need a computer with internet access.
You must have a Paypal account.
Area United States
New Zealand
Reimbursement Your fee will depend on the assignment.
You will be expected to send an invoice after you have done your shop.

Study 621 :Get Cash Rewards For Your Customer Experience.
Recruits from this area
Type of StudySecret shopping is an excellent way to make extra money. It offers a flexible environment and schedule because the shopper chooses which assignments seem attractive, and which fit into his/her schedule.
Aim of Study Being a mystery shopper helps companies improve their customer service.
Inclusion CriteriaShoppers should have the following:
Viable transportation
Stable home office:
Computer and ability to check e-mail often (the library or friend’s computer will not cut it)
Fax, scanner, copier
Great writing skills
Super detail oriented
Deadline driven

Area United States
Reimbursement Between $8 and $40.

Study 620 :Shop Until You Drop And Then Shop Some more.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery Shopping is an objective view of a business through the eyes of a customer. A Mystery Shopper visits a business anonymously, posing as a regular customer, to experience and evaluate the level of customer service provided by the business.
Aim of Study Mystery shopping provides management with a detailed assessment of employee performance and the variables that affect a customer's experience and satisfaction with the business.
Area All over the world.
Excludes Nevada, USA, due to private investigator laws.
Reimbursement Shops pay fees ranging from $5 up depending on what is required of the shopper.
In many cases, no fees are paid but instead you are reimbursed for a product, service, meal, etc.

Study 619 :If You Like Shopping, Try This!
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery shopping - you go into companies premises and will pose as a regular customer. You will then report on your experience as a customer.
Aim of Study The aim of these studies are to enable companies to gain an understanding of what customers think of their businesses. With the information you provide, they can make improvements to things like customer service.
United States
South Korea
United Kingdom
Reimbursement Your fee will be dependent on the assignment.
Shopper's checks will be sent out on the last day of the month.
Other Info

Study 617 :Get Paid To Be An Undercover Agent

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyA Mystery Shopper is like an undercover agent. You may be assigned to visit a business or even make a phone call, as if you are a sincere, potential customer looking for a particular service.
Aim of Study The information you provide will help companies improve their customer service, presentation, cleanliness etc.
Inclusion Criteria You must be 21 years or older.
Area Worldwide.
Reimbursement Payment is specified on the jobs board of the website.
Other Info It is your responsibility as a shopper to check the web site for available shops. They post jobs on the job board frequently, automatic emails are send to you when your profile matches with jobs available.

Study 613 :Your Opinion Counts!

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyPaid on-line surveys/focus groups.
Aim of Study They use your opinions and suggestions to help companies better meet your needs as a consumer.
Inclusion Criteria You must be at least 13 years old.
You must have a valid e-mail address.
You must have access to the internet.
Area Throughout the world.
Duration Paid surveys can vary, but usually take between 10 and 40 minutes to complete.
Focus groups and one-on-one interviews take between 30 minutes to an hour.
Reimbursement Typically between $25 and $45.
Other Info They do not deduct any taxes on money paid to their members for participation in their studies. It is up to individual members to report any payment as income if necessary.

Study 608 :Get Amazon Vouchers For Your Opinions!

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyFree product tests/paid surveys/quick voting.
Aim of Study By testing products, voting and answering on line surveys you will get consumers' voices heard by the manufacturers and designers of the products you use.
Area Throughout the world.
Reimbursement You will be awarded a certain number of points for the different surveys you participate in. For example:
Registration earns you 1,500 points
Quick votes, each time you take part earns you 15 points
Surveys earn you between 3,000 and 30,000 points
Once you have 40,000 points, you will be given an Amazon voucher for £10.
Other Info You will not receive more than 2 invitations per month.

Study 605 :Give Your Opinion For Cash.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyAs a panel member, you will participate in several surveys a year, typically.
Aim of Study They do hundreds of surveys a year to help companies do a better job. Your opinions really do make a difference.
Area They offer surveys to people all over the world.
Duration The average survey will take 10 minutes or so to complete.
Reimbursement Incentives typically range in value from $4 to $50, per survey or focus group, depending upon the length of the questionnaire and the time it takes to complete it.
Other Info Membership is limited to one person per household.
Be prepared to fill in short surveys about yourself so that relevant paid surveys can be sent to you.

Study 600 :Have Fun Shopping and Get Paid!
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery shopping - acting as a regular customer and reporting on your experiences.
Aim of StudyTo enable companies to fine tune their customer service, presentation, cleanliness etc.
Inclusion CriteriaLooking for people who are:
detail oriented
...and have:
experience in customer service.
Reimbursement Between $5 and $100.

The amount that you get paid is all dependant on the assignments that you perform. There are 4 types of evaluations:
An evaluation with a Shopper Fee. (You get paid to perform the assignment.)
An evaluation with a Shopper Fee and a Reimbursement Fee. (You get paid to perform the assignment and you get to purchase an item and get reimbursed (partly or fully) for it.
An evaluation only with a Reimbursement Fee.
An evaluation that you pay only part of the fee for. (50% off of Vacation, train travel, etc.).
Other Info Your application may take between 4-6 weeks to process.

Study 587 :On-Site Inspectors Wanted.
North Carolina
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery Shopping/On-Site Inspections.
Aim of Study By telling companies of your experiences when visiting their store, they can highlight any relevant concerns, such as, poor customer service, poor presentation etc.
Inclusion Criteria Mystery shoppers should be reliable, observant and able to follow directions.
Area Throughout the United States and Canada.
Reimbursement Payment may include cash, reimbursement or both.
Other Info You do not need previous experience to work in this program.

Study 585 :Secret Shopping for Extra Money.
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery Shopping.
Aim of Study A mystery shopper is an independent contractor who visits a business for the purpose of evaluating customer service and, very often, the appearance and condition of the business facility.
Inclusion CriteriaMust Be:

Observant, detail-oriented, and thorough.
Acting ability and creativity are also desirable.
Area Throughout the United States and Canada.
Reimbursement Typically the fee for a single evaluation ranges from $5 to $25.
Other Info If you earn $600 or more in a calendar year shopping for them, they will automatically issue and mail you a 1099 form in January of the following year. If you earn less than $600, you are personally responsible for keeping track of your earnings and declaring them for tax purposes.

Study 581 :Get Paid to Visit Amusement Arcades, Theme Parks ETC!
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyVisit amusement arcades, theme parks, water parks etc. You will then write a detailed report on your experiences as a customer.
Aim of Study Mystery shopping involves trained anonymous customers visiting a service business as a common shopper and then giving detailed written evaluations of their experiences
Inclusion Criteria Access to a fax machine - you will be required to fax your reciepts.
Area Throught the United States (excludes Nevada) and Canada.
Reimbursement As you will be visiting Amusement Arcades etc, your assignments will be fun. This means that payment will usually be low. You may just be reimbursed for the cost of tickets and expenses. However, it's a free fun time!
ALL results are due by 10pm the day following your visit, but results submitted by 10am (server/Arizona time) the morning following your visit may be eligible for the additional $5 Early Return Bonus payment.
Other Info If you choose PayPal as your payment preference in your Shopper's Profile, payment will be issued within 14 days of submitting all required information such as results and receipts.

Checks are issued within 30 days.

Study 580 :If You Like Shopping, Why Not Get Paid For Doing It!?
Recruits from this area
Type of StudyMystery Shopping.
Aim of Study You will be required to go into particular shops pretending to be a genuine customer. You will report back on the quality of customer service, cleanliness of the store etc.
Inclusion Criteria Must be reliable and be able to complete shops when scheduled.
Looking for both experienced and new shoppers.
Area Recruits from throughout the United States and Canada.
Reimbursement Paychecks are mailed during the first week of each month for all shops done the month prior.

Study 59 :Earn Money While Sat at Your Computer.

Recruits from this area
Type of StudyTo become a member of a web panel, noting your experiences of purchasing on the internet.
Aim of StudyTo enable companies to realise their strengths and positioning of a particular brand.
Inclusion Criteria Must have access to a computer.
Must have an email address.
Area UK
Duration Between 45 mins and 1 hour.
Reimbursement Up to £20 ($35).
Payment may be made in cash or in vouchers, depending on specific projects.
Details of the type of payment or voucher would be given before starting any on-line group.