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Belfast - Northern Ireland
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Aim of StudyBioKinetic are currently looking for men and women to take part in a study for the development of a treatment for bowel incontinence.
Inclusion Criteria MEN & WOMEN
Over 65
In Good Health (i.e. no current medical or previous serious medical conditions)
Non Smokers
BMI 18 - 32
Area Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Duration How long will I have to stay? The study involves 2 periods of stay in our comfortable Belfast City Centre based clinic (excluding screening procedures). The duration of each stay is just 2 days, see below for the dates of the various groups.

Monday10th May 7:00am to Tuesday 11thMay approx.6:00pm
Friday 14th May 7:00am toSaturday15th May approx. 6:00pm

Thursday 03rd June 7:00 am to Friday 04th June approx. 6:00pm
Monday 07th June 7:00 am to Tuesday 08th June approx. 6:00pm

Wednesday 09 June 10:00 am to Thursday 10th June approx. 8:00pm
Monday 14th June 10:00 am to Tuesday 15th June approx. 8:00pm.

Group 4
Monday 21st June 7:00am to Tuesday 22nd June approx. 6:00pm.
Friday 25th June 7:am to Saturday 26th June approx. 6:00pm.

You only need pick ONE of the groups above and be able to stay on all the dates shown for that group.

Reimbursement How much will payment will I receive? 600* (You will be paid an additional 50 for holter monitoring).
*This is to cover your time and any out of pocket expenses. You should note that any travel expenses incurred, will be met by yourself. The amount shown is for completion of the study.

Other Info What is the study drug? The study drug is a rectal suppository
Why is the study being carried out? The study is being carried out in volunteers over 65 as the study drug may be prescribed to people in this age group. The study will use ECGs and blood pressure measurements to look at the effect of the study drug on the heart and compare it with placebo.
What else should I know? To make sure that you are suitable for this study you will have to undergo a thorough medical which includes a digital rectal exam. Details of which will be discussed with you prior to attending the medical.