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BIOTRAX - The most comprehensive, information, advisory service for Healthy Volunteers wishing to participate in medical trials, clinical trials, drug trials and paid medical research. Biotrax provides the greater freedom of choice to participate in Clinical Trials, Mystery Shopping, Focus Groups and many other research opportunities. You can participate in weekend studies, outpatient studies, or studies that last for weeks, or for a few hours. Biotrax is a support group for medical research participants, and will guarantee you the unbiased, assistance to help you with your understanding of any clinical trials opportunity or enquiry. By registering with Biotrax on our eligibilty test on the menu bar, you will be able to take advantage of years of research in locating all the opportunities that are not advertised widely, and in a lot of cases not at all.
If you are 18-85 years of age and are eligible to take part in drug testing or medical research, you can earn realistic rewards, whilst also helping in the research of new medicines. There are also other research activities of a non medical nature that you can participate in all year round. There is no shortage of opportunities in paid research, and volunteers are in great demand! You can help to supplement your income whilst working, pay educational costs, fund your travels, or pay for your next holiday! Most clinic facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can read, play pool / board games, surf the internet, study, work on a project, relax, or watch TV and videos. By clicking on the eligibility button below and following a few very quick steps you can learn about the enormous benefits of joining the most comprehensive support service for research volunteers in the world.It pays to know!

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Every volunteer needs a credible information resource as very few studies are advertised widely and you need to find the right study i.e. the right times and dates, studies for smokers or studies for non smokers. As long as you are generally eligible this will help you to find the right research activity to suit

Our Healthy Volunteer Clinical Trials Listings will give you more information about Clinical Trials Units, & Medical research Opportunities ,than any other service world wide today. It lists references including whether or not they pay for travel expenses, screenings, and pay referral fees or pay for blood donations etc. For the traveler in a new country, you can endeavor to earn money straight away without qualifications, and for the very keen volunteer you can register with all the databases of clinics free of charge See our study site for opportunities in your area on the menu bar. Medical Research opportunities compensate generously for your time and Inconvenience in the UK and anything up to $300.00 a day in the US and can last anything from 1 day to a month. Our services are totally FREE to apply for all research activities throughout the world and Clinical Trials Volunteers are highly needed to help with the investigation of new and existing treatments and in great demand.

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