Welcome to our other activities pages. This is designed to give you greater choices. Whether you are a student, a house wife, working full time or part time, these pages will introduce you to many opportunities that practically anybody can participate in. The waiting period between medical trials in the UK and due to very strict blood donation laws is 3 months. In the US this is only 1 month. For medical trials clinical trials participants these opportunities can help you to earn generous rewards in your spare time. These activities can also be combined with blood donations and or non invasive research for those participating in psychology tests for example. Mystery shopping can pay up to 30 pounds an hour and a typical Film and TV extra could pay about 90 pounds and above. Have a good read.

Mystery Shopping – Get Paid to Shop ! – Get Paid To Eat !

Are you looking to supplement your existing income, make profitable use of your spare time, or are looking for a new, more flexible full time business direction? Becoming a Mystery Customer is a viable option for you ! Mystery Shoppers, both males and females, are required to visit retail stores and local businesses to secretly observe and record the overall operations of each location visited. Some assignments may involve purchases and returns, while other mystery shops may involve food consumption and review. Be paid anything up to 30 pounds or $40.00 an hour and the hours are flexible. Work Weekends if you prefer. Covert Mystery Shoppers can earn in excess of $30,000/$70,000 per annum . Mystery shopping takes place nationally and world wide.

Paid surveys – Get Paid for Your Opinions!

On – Line Opinion Polls where you are required to fill in surveys relating to a multitude of interesting topics are a good way for companies to find out opinions from the general public. This helps with product development / Marketing issues etc. Most Opinion polls pay about anything between 1 – 5 pounds and some up to 15 pounds a survey depending on the assignment . In The US you can earn up to $100 or more per hour of “work”, most paid survey companies will only send you an average of 2-4 paid surveys per month.You cant make a living out of surveys alone, but they can be combined with Mystery Shopping , Consumer Testing ,Clinical Trials and Film and TV Extra work .

It all ads up ! Sometimes companies will pay in kind with gift vouchers. There’s no commitment, you can take as many surveys as you wish, and you can opt to leave at any time.

Doing paid surveys online in your spare time is a great way to make some extra money – and paid online surveys are lots of fun too.

Paid surveys are perfect for all students, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else that needs to make extra money. All these opportunities are all included in our classic and gold memberships.

Film and TV Extra Work – Get Paid to Be Yourself !

Film and TV extra work can be frequent or infrequent depending on yourself, and how you approach the industry. The opportunities are there, but like everything, it’s up to you. Anybody can be a Film and Television extra and this requires no experience at all. You can be tall, short, and slim or heavy – look rough, or totally refined. Extras are everyday people employed to look exactly that, and all you need to be is yourself. Anyone can become an extra. Film and TV extra can earn anything from $65.00 to $200.00 a day, depending on the assignments. The aim of this directory and advisory service is to provide all the information and helpful hints you need to get yourself started and feeling confidant and knowledgeable of what to expect from the industry. Finding the right information to set you on the right tracks is just as difficult as medical research. However, this section enables you to gain all the information and contacts to make becoming a Film and TV extra the easiest thing in the world to do. Approx 130 agents recruit extras from all over the United Kingdom. These opportunities are only available in the UK at this point in time.
Consumer Product Testing – Get Paid to Test Products !

Get Paid To Test Products

Testing Soapowders, Antiperspirants, Deodorants, Toothpastes etc can be a very good way to earn some extra and can pay an hourly rates or set fees for studies which could be up to 500 pounds or $1000.00 US . You need to be near a testing center for this to be worth while . All other activities listed on this page recruit nationally . See study site for centers in your area. These opportunities can be combined with medical trials or any other activities as consumer testing are usually non -invasive.