Biotrax is the oldest web site, founded in 2001, aimed specifically at recruiting volunteers for clinical trial research studies. For nearly 7 years we have honed our recruitment strategies to enable us to help clients meet recruitment quotas & deadlines, an important metric used by pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies in assessing the performance of the Clinical Research Organisation to which they outsource their critically important drug research. Register your interest in using the site to help your volunteer recruitment by completing the form here.

The Biotrax Database
Our carefully constructed database allows us to target specific volunteer populations whether it is by geography, demographic or medical condition. We hold 120,000 volunteers on the database which can be integrated in many ways to give you a pool of volunteers which match your specific requirements, meeting your study inclusion criteria. The database is populated through a variety of advertising mediums. All aspects of the Data Protection Act are strictly adhered to.
We have started our own healthcare products web site which although currently still under development is starting to receive numerous amounts of visits due to optimisation. Links to clinics are also provided on this web site and Volunteer Information
Other BioTrax Web Sites due to the commercial sensitivity of competitors may not be generally known.
Other mediums used include:
Local & national newspapers Student & lifestyle magazines Flyers & posters Outdoor media Niche medical websites Lifestyle & health related websites Search engines Job websites
Being professional recruiters we utilise the best advertising strategies to reach your target volunteer population ensuring the most cost effective recruitment campaigns.
Other recruitment methods
In order to make sure we cover as much of the potential volunteer universe as possible Biotrax also utilises its access to Models, Actors, Focus Groups, Mystery Shoppers Via Search Strings on the Internet and services provided to research volunteers
Volunteer welfare
Volunteer welfare is of paramount importance to Biotrax. All adverts are scrutinised for compliance with regulatory guidelines. When volunteers register with Biotrax they gain access to the majority of research activities in existence, propagating the most popular web sites on the internet. Volunteers can also decide between a range of other activities such as Mystery shopping, Film, TV Extra Work & Focus Groups, presenting to volunteers opportunities that just about anyone can participate in, in their spare time, weekends or in between research activities.
Volunteers registered with Biotrax feel part of a community where they are assured of personal attention, where they are only informed of trials personally relevant to them and where support is given in answering any questions they have with regards volunteering for clinical trials, non invasive research, other medical research activities such as psychology tests where often only a teaspoon of blood may be taken.
BioTrax Aims:
Although we understand that the financial rewards may be the major reason volunteers participate , we believe and very strongly that the integrity of medical research or the return of integral values to the UK Industry lies with the help attitudes and expressing the true values and purpose of a clinical trials industry.
Through expressing these moral and ethical values and re-educating volunteers we can bring to life a new breed of volunteer. Our health zone news letters at the top of each study listing are designed to do exactly this. For example could you read this health zone news letter and not feel some empathy or compassion for people who do not have any real effective mediations and are caught in a situation where it is unlikely that pharma companies would invest billions into the investigation off new treatments as there are in fact only approx 30, 000 sufferers world wide. We believe it is up to medical research collectively to return these wholesome attitudes & to work towards a brighter & more respected future for the UK Medical Trials Industry.
Search optimisation etc. Our optimisation has become very heavily scrutinised by ourselves to insure maximum potential with links to relevant web sites with appropriate and credible information. We take the security of information held very seriously and employ a cryptographic secure socket layer on our server. Our servers have a minimum 98% uptime, so you know that your recruitment portal is working hard and you are getting value for money.

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