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Are clinical studies safe?

August 22, 2018 FAQs

Our paramount concern is the safety and the rights of our volunteers. All trials attended by volunteers through BioTrax are approved and reviewed by independent ethics committees, which must adhere to good clinical practice codes. All drugs must be rigorously tested, firstly in pre-clinical trials before given to healthy volunteers and then in healthy volunteers before they can be given to patients. A trial will not commence without EC (ethics committee) approval. The physicians are bound by the Declaration of Helsinki ( Scotland 2000 ) guidelines for conducting biomedical research. In all, BioTrax will not trade with any association/ organizations that do not meet industry ethics/ guidelines or act considerately towards volunteers, other clinics, and for the greater benefit of the industry as a whole. In the UK only BioTrax also acts as your independent,unbiased comfort zone.You can turn to us for any amount of industry advice at all . If you have a problem, well look into it . If your unsure about something ie (Patient notes, Informed Consent ) we will look into that too. BioTrax is on your side.

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