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Every volunteer needs a credible information resource as very few studies are advertised widely and you need to find the right study i.e. the right times and dates, studies for smokers or studies for non smokers. As long as you are generally eligible this will help you to find the right research activity to suit

Our Healthy and Asthmatic Volunteer Directory of opportunities, will give you more information about trial houses than any other directory available in the world today. It lists references including whether or not they pay for travel expenses, screenings, and pay referral fees or pay for blood donations etc. It even lists the free phone numbers, web sites – so contacting companies won’t cost you a penny. For the traveler in a new country, you can endeavor to earn money straight away without qualifications, and for the very keen volunteer you can register with all the other databases free of charge and still take advantage of our Free Advisory, Placement and Management Systems. See our study site for opportunities in your area. Medical Trials compensate up to 120 pounds
or $300.00 US per day and can last anything from 1 day to a month. Our Healthy Volunteer directory is Totally FREE to apply for all research activities in the UK and soon to be the US and Canada.

BIOCAST SERVICES. Film and TV Extra work Film and TV Extra work is something anybody can do. All you need to be is yourself. There is a wash out period of medication between trials, so like the Mystery shopping, Paid Surveys etc this gives you EXTRA opportunities during waiting periods between medical research that involves a medication. With the exception of Blood Donation, research where no medication is involved has no waiting period. EXTRA work pays between $75.00 – $200 a day and you dont need experience

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