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What happens if I make the study?

You will be given a time to arrive at the clinic, usually on the day or evening before the study starts. You may be asked to phone a day or two prior to confirm that you are still interested and inten

How are volunteers selected?

Volunteers are selected based upon the results of the screening procedures and lab tests, among the leading causes of rejection are lab results that show abnormalities in the blood or urine. Besides t

How do I volunteer?

The first step is to phone up the clinical centers in your area and ask if they need healthy volunteers for upcoming studies. To find the clinics that conduct these studies, a good directory is essent

What is involved in a screening for a study?

First, the clinic will arrange with you a screening appointment, and tell you what to avoid in the days prior to the screening. This will usually include alcohol, recreational drugs, most or all medic

What other studies can I volunteer for, besides drug trials?

There are a wide variety of research studies and clinical programs that need normal/healthy volunteers, although drug trials are generally the most profitable studies that you can volunteer for on a r

Aren't these trials considered risky, or even dangerous?

Not all medical trials contain an element of risk, But where regulatory oversight exists to safeguard the treatment of research subjects, and where drug companies and testing clinics can be held liabl

What sort of drugs do they test, and why?

It could be anything at all, from an asprin to a vaccine, The BioTrax Trials section will keep you informed where clinics are prepared to tell you of the medication involved - Most clinics will give y

What are my rights?

When you take part in a study you will receive a full explanation of the medicine, the purpose and the duration of the study, and what you will be required to do. You sign a consent form - As w