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Will I be eligible?

If you passed our instant online eligibility test, then yes you are eligible for the Biotrax Database. Just about anyone can participate in Consumer studies, and we also represent and have a surplus o

Can I participate in my spare time?

Absolutely - There are weekend studies, and studies comprising of short visits to the clinics, all of which are as equally rewarding. Some people even use their holidays as a chance to participate!

Will I be paid for my time and inconvenience?

This varies according to the length and inconvenience of the trials. The reimbursements for 'Healthy' volunteers are usually greater than those for 'Patient' volunteers (i.e. People with medical condi

Are clinical studies safe?

Our paramount concern is the safety and the rights of our volunteers. All trials attended by volunteers through BioTrax are approved and reviewed by independent ethics committees, which must adhere to

How long do studies last?

This varies depending on the particular clinical trial. This can be anything from 1 day to 5 months or more. There are many trials that take place on just outpatient visits, or weekend studies. Biotra

Who will I interact with whilst on a Clinical Trial?

There is often the opportunity to mix with nurses, and/ or trained clinical research associates. There is also the opportunity to interact with other volunteers

Why should I participate in a Clinical Trial?

There are many reasons why people take part in research studies. Often it gives you a chance to access a medicine that is not available for the market for prescription. Often the process for collectin

Is there a shortage of placements for volunteers?

Definately not! Volunteers and panellists are in great demand and where BioTrax recruits for clinics you will be given first priority!