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What is a Non-Systemic Trial?

This is when the potential new medication is not absorbed into the bodies system, and therefore represents little, if no internal side effects. These treatments are usually topical - such as Anti-scar

What is a Phase 4 Trial?

This is when medications have been approved by the authorities, and have been released on to the market, but are testing the medication for new applications. Phase 4 studies are often conducted throug

What is a Phase 3 Trial?

This is an important turning point for drug manufacturers. The medication has already passed the rigorous testing and review process required by the authorities, and now it is ready to be studied in l

What is a Phase 2 Trial?

This is when medications are considered safe for testing on patients, and that its clinical activity may be beneficial against a particular disease, or condition. At this phase a larger group of patie

What is a Phase 1 Trial?

This is when potential new medication, or health products, is tested on healthy volunteers. Investigators look at the best way to administer new treatment to measure the levels to which the medication