Will I be guaranteed satisfaction?

It has always been the aim of Biotrax to satisfy everyone of its members. You are given a lifetime membership, so there should be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the benefits of the world's most comp

What is BioTrax Quality Assurance?

This is where the clinic has passed a series of practical and written assessments over a period of time, and have been found to be living up to the day to day Ethics/Guidelines of our industry.

Are other information services better?

Just about all other information services throughout the world will charge you for information, whether you are eligible to participate or not. Often they are directories/lists that are not up to date

Why should I subscribe to Biotrax?

BioTrax acts as your added comfort zone, and can help you with your understanding of patient notes, possible side effects, if any, and we can help you with your understanding of informed consent. BioT

How much will I be paid, and when will I get my money?

The pay for any study is usually determined by the amount of time you spend in the study facility. You are paid for your time and inconvenience, NOT according to the "risk" the study involves. The rat

What Happens when the study is completed?

On the day of discharge, or the final return visit usually 2-7 days after, you will have a repeat of all the screening and check-in procedures (see previous section), including a post-study physical e

What is it like to stay in a clinical unit?

The experience you have while staying in a clinical unit can range from very pleasant to extremely comfortable. Most clinics have spacious, well-equipped facilities that provide volunteers with numero

What happens during a typical study?

Obviously it depends on the type of study as to what is involved, but a typical "in-house" study will probably run something like this: Within 8 to 24 hours after check-in, the "study day" begins. If

What happens if I make the study?

You will be given a time to arrive at the clinic, usually on the day or evening before the study starts. You may be asked to phone a day or two prior to confirm that you are still interested and inten

How are volunteers selected?

Volunteers are selected based upon the results of the screening procedures and lab tests, among the leading causes of rejection are lab results that show abnormalities in the blood or urine. Besides t

How do I volunteer?

The first step is to phone up the clinical centers in your area and ask if they need healthy volunteers for upcoming studies. To find the clinics that conduct these studies, a good directory is essent

What is involved in a screening for a study?

First, the clinic will arrange with you a screening appointment, and tell you what to avoid in the days prior to the screening. This will usually include alcohol, recreational drugs, most or all medic