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Requirements to becoming an Extra

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Firstly, you don’t need any special skills or experience to be an extra. You will, however, need to be confident, determined, reliable and punctual. Confidence may be something you already have naturally. If you feel you are not very confident, consider joining a local amateur dramatics society, this will look good on your CV, although this will by no means stop you getting work. Determination is required because it may take a while for your first job from the agency. They do tend to use familiar people more often, although most agencies work on a rotational basis. Often the agency will test out a new applicant on a small day’s work or two. As that person proves their reliability, more and more roles will be offered. There are extras out there that get three or four days a week from one agency, while others may not get called for a month at a time. Reliability and punctuality are probably the most important aspects of working on a film set. If one person is late, it can throw the whole production
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behind schedule. Extras that are late can often be sent away, giving the agency a bad name with the production company, and of course, giving the supporting artiste a bad name with the agency or even being struck off the register. But a reliable extra is someone that will be called upon time after time, so it pays to be punctual. Another requirement that should be mentioned is patience. Although not a serious requirement, film sets are renowned for their laborious nature. Every set, whether on a TV program or a film, will include a lot of sitting around and waiting. While the crew work to move or re-light a set, the extras have little to do except wait for their call. This in itself is no bad thing, this is the time to socialise and meet the other extras. It can be a great environment for making friends and meeting interesting people.

Basically, anyone can be a Film and TV Extra and its very interesting work, which has led many people into completely different and unexpected careers . Many Film and TV Extras end up Actors , Make up Artists , Directors . Becoming a Film and TV Extra gives you a very real and wonderful industry insight which will most certainly inspire and open up new horizons whilst you’re meeting some very colorful and interesting people.