receive £3,120, London paid clinical trial required Healthy female volunteers aged 18-39

Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT, UK

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receive £3,120, London paid clinical trial required Healthy female volunteers aged 18-39 for your time and efforts. If you meet the requirements for this paid medical trials then please feel free to apply for this.
020 7042 5800
020 7042 5800
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Healthy females aged 18-39 (C17051) Part III
Healthy female volunteers aged 18-39 wanted for paid clinical trial.
Receive a payment for your time!

We are carrying out a clinical trial with an investigational drug that is being developed for the treatment of endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue that lines the inside of the womb also grows outside of the womb, usually on other organs in the pelvis. This causes chronic (long-lasting) pain and infertility.

At present there is no cure for the condition. Treatment of endometriosis commonly involves long-term or repeated courses of medical therapy (such as pain killers or hormonal medication), surgery, or both. The available medical treatment can reduce the pain caused, but for many women the pain relief is temporary or not very effective. The information gathered during this clinical trial may support further drug development, including larger trials in patients with endometriosis.


Study summary

This study will be conducted at our clinical trials unit in London Bridge and will involve healthy female volunteers. You will need to attend a screening appointment and 2 out-patient visits within 59 days of admission to check if you are suitable to take part in the study. If successful, you will be required to be in our unit for an in-house stay of 16 days/15 nights and at least 1 outpatient visit 35 days after receiving the study drug.

Study dates

The study dates will be based on your menstrual cycle and will be discussed with you during your telephone screening. Study dates vary from April till early May. Please call us or send an e-mail for more information.

Who can take part?

To be eligible to take part in this study you must fit the following criteria:

Healthy females aged between 18 and 39 (inclusive).
You must weigh between 45.0 – 90.0 kg (inclusive) and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the range 18.0-30.0 kg/m² (inclusive).
You must have regular menstrual cycles of 26 to 31 days, and not have taken hormonal contraception at least in the last 3 months prior to entering the study i.e. have had 3 natural cycles.
You must not consume beverages containing caffeine 48 hours prior to dosing and each outpatient visit.
You must not have used tobacco in any form (e.g. smoking or chewing) or other nicotine-containing products in any form (e.g. gum, patch and electronic cigarettes) within 3 months prior to receiving study drug.
You must not test positive for hepatitis B/C, HIV, alcohol or drugs or show any evidence of drug or alcohol abuse within the last 12 months. (Alcohol abuse is defined as a regular weekly intake of more than 14 units).
You must be healthy with no underlying medical conditions that may either interfere with participation in the clinical study, and/or put you at any significant risk.
You must not be on any regular medications, including over the counter medications.
You must not have donated blood within 16 weeks prior to first dosing.
You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you are of childbearing potential and heterosexually active, you must agree to the use of contraceptive measures starting at screening and continuing until at least 30 days after the follow-up visit.

A full list of acceptable contraceptive methods will be discussed in full by a member of the recruitment team and a study doctor during screening.

Study payment
In recognition of the time involved in taking part in this study, you will receive £3,120 (£2,120 study payment and £1,000 bonus) on completion of the study provided you comply fully with all the study requirements.


Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT, UK

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  • receive £3,120, London paid clinical trial required Healthy female volunteers aged 18-39
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