Mystery Shopping

Companies who want to survive and thrive need to do ongoing research about their customers’ experiences to ensure a positive business relationship, discover missed sales opportunities, and to gain an edge over competitors.

If you would like a fun and interesting job being the professional eyes and ears for businesses of all types and sizes, shopping for everything from expensive cars and houses to socks and underwear or evaluating hotel accommodation, restaurants and other services, this is the opportunity for you.

Working from home, you will have the opportunity to travel and have the satisfaction of doing a valuable and important job, while working for yourself with hours that are flexible .



The video shoppers are observant and professional, being able to provide a valuable critique together with high quality video and sound recordings of their shopping experience. The shoppers are gathering information from the moment they arrive at the designated location, taking mental notes on parking, the way they are greeted, how the location looks, shelving, prices, background activity and the all.

Video cameras hidden in ties, pens, spectacles and bags capture candidly the customers eye view. Video can be delivered by DVD, CD, VHS and Internet streaming video.


Working with our clients, a comprehensive, customised survey designed to accurately reflect the objective of the telephone call is developed.

The survey will measure how well your employees greet the caller, present your company’s products or services, attempt to close a sale or make an appointment, and generally interact with a potential customer.

From a large team of highly trained telephone researchers, we select those researchers that match our clients required profile for the calls. Calls are then scripted, scheduled, and an identity created for each shopper. All calls are recorded digitally, followed by checking, scoring . The calls can then be listened to and a comprehensive set of analytical and statistical reports can be reviewed.

Scenario 1 – Motor Service Fault Finding. Telephone a client motor dealership and book a chosen vehicle in for a scheduled service. Record the call and score the dealer performance against pre-set criteria. Install a number of agreed faults into the selected vehicle that should be found and rectified by the dealership service department. Take the vehicle in for the service, record and report the results of the service fault finding, dealership procedure compliance and customer experience.

Scenario 2 – New House Purchase. Telephone new homes site sales office and company head office sales department. Record the calls and review customer handling skills, information gathering skills, and the ability to sell a viewing appointment. Monitor for follow-up to customer of sales brochures. Visit the site show house to video and review sales staff performance against procedures and the structured sales process.

Scenario 3 – Estate Agent Enquiry. Make telephone call to estate agents to enquire about selling a house. Review sales process regarding the house sale and a future house purchase. Follow-up telephone enquiry with a visit to the agents to video the sales process and customer handling skills.

These are some of the more sobering jobs offered in mystery shopping although thousands of companies across the world will pay you to do what you love doing the best SHOPPING.

Make HUNDREDS OR EVEN THOUSANDS in a month dining in restaurants, shopping or playing golf .


Covert Mystery Shoppers can earn in excess of $30,000/ $70,000 per annum, or alternatively conduct Mystery Shopping or Market Research on a part-time basis. It’s a serious business but what better way to make a living is there, than being paid to eat in restaurants, shop, have a drink in hotels and just generally pretend to be a customer for the sake of quality checks on companies. You can combine this with medical research without any problems at all. Great activities to participate in between clinical research that may have a waiting period or you can participate in these activities at any time.

BECOME AN e-MYSTERY SHOPPER Would you like to earn some extra money whilst surfing on the web?

Join self-employed teams of eMystery Shoppers – monitoring and assessing web sites and reporting on their usability, effectiveness and customer service performance.

If you enjoy surfing the web, why not make money doing so, and help to improve the services offered on the Internet at the same time!

All eMystery Shoppers are self-employed – this means that you are responsible for your own tax .

The BioTrax Research Volunteer Support Group provides you with years of well researched information on establishments conducting credible opportunities. We provide you with information you can trust . Our directory of Get Paid to Shop Opportunities will take all the hardship out of finding credible companies to deal with. Although mystery shopping takes place nationally and world wide, you may like to view all the medical research opportunities which are also available to you in your area . You will need to be eligible for clinical trials and can take our instant eligibility test on the menu bar at where you will get an instant answer and be able to view all activities in your geographical area or the areas you are willing to travel to, on our study site .

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