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To take your instant eligibility test for healthy clinical trials volunteers and to register on the BioTrax database, please click on the option that best suits your medical condition

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BioTrax Volunteer Eligibility Test and Registration for clinical trials, drug trials, medical trials, medical research and clinical research. Non invasive clinical study participants can still register, as we will ask you your preferred choice, so you only receive relevant information. If you are applying for a study this will be sent to the clinic, and the clinic will contact you. If you are registering for the first time or testing your eligibility for paid medical trials, you will still need to apply for studies on the study site after this registration. If you do this whilst you are on the site you will not have to fill in forms again. In accordance with data protection and more importantly, for your consideration, you will be able to opt out at any stage at the bottom of each registration page, and all information will be removed from our database. It is essential for safety reasons that you double check all your answers. You could also miss out on studies you would be eligible for by providing incorrect information.