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What are my rights?

August 22, 2018 FAQs

When you take part in a study you will receive a full explanation of the medicine, the purpose and the duration of the study, and what you will be required to do.

You sign a consent form – As well as the particulars of the study, it will include a declaration on behalf of the sponsor. We are very careful to recommend only the most credible and considerate of clinics for our volunteers.
You are free to choose which study you take part in – They vary in duration and payment. Some studies may require you to stay in the unit for up to four weeks: others may be simple weekend studies or out patient visits, which would suit those in full time employment or education.
You are completely free to withdraw from any study at anytime, without justification, though you may be asked to sign a self-discharge document depending on the country or clinic . In the UK we act as your independent representatives, should you have any concerns during a study, we do ask that you contact the volunteer recruitment officer at BioTrax to help you with your concerns – as it may be something we can help you with. In the USA we do not provide advisory/ help services.
Information about your participation in studies is kept strictly confidential.

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