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Why should I subscribe to Biotrax?

August 22, 2018 FAQs

BioTrax acts as your added comfort zone, and can help you with your understanding of patient notes, possible side effects, if any, and we can help you with your understanding of informed consent. BioTrax is the world\’s most informative information service for Healthy/Patient Volunteers/ Panelists. By subscribing to BioTrax you can receive the world\’s most comprehensive directory, which will give you information that would normally take you years of research to develop yourselves. This means you will not only have a greater freedom of choice, but you will be able to instantaneously find placements in Medical research and Consumer research studies. BioTrax members are always given first priority on placements with all establishments we recruit for. This means if there is an excess of volunteers, you will come first. There are many advantages to our services as can be seen on the rest of our website.

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